Personal Training

All personal training sessions are designed especially for you according to your personal goals, likes and dislikes, past exercise experience and injuries. Each session will be different, varied and fun, allowing you to make continued progress and stay motivated enabling you to achieve and exceed your goals. The exercises in each session are chosen carefully so maximum results are achieved in the minimum amount to time. I like to use functional exercises that will make whatever you do easier whether it be living a healthy life style or running the 100m. This is the most effective way of enables your body to adapt to what you want it to do and you see the results that you want.

A typical session will consist of a combination of three elements; cardio vascular, resistance and core training. This may include a mixture of some of the following; circuit training, kettlebells, running, boxercise, cycling, weights, and freestyle fitness yoga. As well as working towards your goal each session will help to improve your technical skills including strength, endurance, balance, coordination and mental focus.


Whether you are an experienced runner or a novice I can help you achieve your running goals. This will include running with you for your most challenge workouts helping you to push yourself a little bit further, writing you a personal running programme based on your current fitness so you know when to run, how far, how fast and when to rest, offering advice on nutrient pre, during and post run, tools on improving your technique as well as helping you to improve your race strategies and mental focus.

Circuit Training

Circuit training combines plyometric exercises (explosive movements to develop muscular power) with strength and core training to provide a total body workout. It is an excellent way of improving cardio vascular fitness as there is little to no rest between exercises meaning that your heart rate remains high. Compound exercises are used so several muscles are exercised at the same time maximising the number of calories burnt helping to provide maximum results in minimum time.

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training offers a far more functional training method than conventional weight training helping you develop strength and power faster. This is because the movements involve a larger number of muscles with movements occurring at speed and in different planes. This promotes nervous system adaptation, increases whole body strength and mobility whilst developing co-ordination and balance. Due to the speed of the movements an excellent cardiovascular workout is also achieved at the same time.


Boxercise works the entire body giving you an excellent cardiovascular workout at the same time as improving strength and explosive power, giving your body a toned appearance without adding bulk. It is will also help to improve your agility hand eye co-ordination, balance and stress levels. I will teach you the correct punching and kicking techniques so you can stay safe whilst having an enjoyable workout.

Freestyle Fitness Yoga

Freestyle Fitness Yoga incorporates stretch, strength & yoga poses to help improve strength and flexibility. It will also help you to move more effectively and efficiently, improving posture, self awareness and coordination.

Yoga is an excellent complement to endurance and strength training as it gently lengthens the muscles, helps to correct any muscle imbalances, reducing your chance of injury.

Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Exercise through your pregnancy can help to prevent or reduce many of the associated complications including back pain, fatigue and excessive weight gain. It also helps to prepare your body for labour; women who continue to exercise when they are pregnant may experience a 30% shorter labour than non-exercisers. Session will focus on strengthening the necessary muscles to help support you and your baby through your pregnancy and look at good nutrient which will help prevent you putting on excess weight, reducing the likelihood of stretch marks.

Once the baby has been born sessions will concentrate on fat loss helping you to return to your pre-pregnancy shape and weight (or less). As well as burning calories particular attention will be paid on correcting muscle imbalances this will include strengthening the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles which will have been stretched and weakened throughout your pregnancy.

Initial Consultation

Before starting any training I offer a free consultation to chat with you about what you would like to obtain from your sessions, any past training that you have done and any medical conditions which may affect your exercise. I will also take measurements such as blood pressure, BMI, waist to hip ratio and body fat percentage as well as carrying out fitness tests as necessary to establish a starting bench mark to measure your progress from. I use this information to set realistic time specific goals with you and to design your exercise programme. This session also gives you the opportunity to ask me any questions that you may have and to decide if this is the best training option for you.

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Nutrition goes hand in hand with fitness and is something which I offer to all my personal training clients. After all you cannot expect to see the results you are after if you are putting the wrong fuel into your body. This applies equally to athletes as it does for people looking to lose weight. Initially I recommend that you keep a food diary so that I can get an accurate indication of what, how much, when and why you are eating. I can then advice you on ways in which you can improve your diet. If you are looking to lose weight it is not about eating less and counting the calories but about eating the right food and living a healthy lifestyle. I can help you with tips and advice to make this achievable. If you are already at the correct weight and are looking to achieve other fitness goals I can offer advice on pre, during and post training meals to ensure you can perform at you best and recover quickly between sessions.

Sports and Remedial Massage

You don’t need to be into sport to benefit from a sports massage. A sports massage can benefit anyone with aches and pains, whether they are from driving, sitting at a desk, bringing up children or training for an ironman. A sports and remedial massage will work to release areas of tension within the muscle, lengthen shortened muscles, improve flexibility and mobilise joints; reducing symptomatic pain and improving function. I will work with you to help you to recover from your injuries and prevent them from becoming a reoccurring problem. This may include stretching and/or strengthening exercises, advice on posture and self massage. Visit my sports and remedial massage website for more information